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Onto the Slopes

Trips are the highlight of our year! We're one of the only universities to run our own summer training camp with a week of intensive (and subsidised) race coaching. With regular competitions throughout the year in snow-domes and on mountains, there are plenty of opportunities to let your competitive side out - not to mention make loads of great new friends!



We're always keen to meet new new racers (you must be a confident skier so get in touch if you're not sure). If you're thinking about trialling at Varsity please get in touch too because this trip will really help you make a team! For those who have already done some racing, this trip is a great chance to improve your technique and shave off those extra seconds.

Each summer we organise a preseason trip for some important training and bonding.


In 2021 we made our way to the indoor snowdome in Druskininkai, Lithuania, for a week of intensive training under renowned coach Anžela Aleksandravičienė. The ice-injected slopes were initially a challenge, particularly when the Polish and Slovakian national teams in the lanes next-door made it look so easy, but through excellent coaching, video analysis, and a good dollop of determination, everyone saw huge improvements by the end of the trip. Read the report here.

Previously we've been to Hintertux with Austria Racing Camps and had the likes of Chemmy Alcott and former US team coach Hugues Morand coaching us.


Varsity Trip



​The skiing Varsity race is the oldest team skiing race in history, dating back to 1922. The first event was held in Wengen, Switzerland in 1922 and, since then, races have happened every year until now (except war years), attracting more and more spectators on the ever-increasing Varsity Trip week. 2022 marked the 100th Varsity with over 1000 students coming to watch this historical event, which proved to be a very successful one! Early snow fall and cold temperatures created ideal racing conditions. In the end Cambridge ran away with it, winning  4-2 against Oxford by winning all 3 women's teams as well as the men's second team.

CUSSC run a dedicated Racers' Package where we fly out early for three days of race training before the Varsity match. It's great fun and a good way to get your ski legs back before the racing starts. (Never fear, if you don't come on Racers' Package you can still trial!) Teams are announced at apres the day before races. On race day there are four runs, two of GS in the morning and two of slalom in the afternoon, with both individual and team rankings. Each University has three men's and three women’s teams and the top four individual times of each count towards the team ranking. 

Read the match report detailing our latest victory over the dark blues here.

Please get in touch with our race captains, Georgia and David, to find out about competing at Varsity 2023.



The varsity freestyle competition is during the main week of Varsity Trip (snow dependent) so book onto the normal trip, get yourself along to MK sessions for some practice, and turn up! 

Please get in touch with Ed (, the Freestyle Captain, to find out more.


Main Event


BUCS Main Event takes place over the Easter holidays. All of the snowsports clubs from universities around the UK come together for a week of Slalom, GS and Skier-X/Boarder-X. If you enjoyed Varsity Trips and are a keen member of CUSSC you’re guaranteed to love BUCS.


Recently Antoine Magre came 3rd in the GS, and the team picked up a bronze in the Team Duals, our best set of results ever. 

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