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We Flippin' Crazy


The freestyle team is open to all, beginners to park rats, snowboarders to skiers, pizzas to french fries. With regular sessions to Milton Keynes to try out your tricks there will be plenty of opportunities to learn something new. Trampoline sessions will also be available and helpful to practice new spins and flips (probably save trying these for real until the airbags in resort though). Any questions send them to Nathan Burstow ( our snowboard rep, or James Hirst ( our ski rep, and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our sessions soon.

Calendar of Events:

MK Freestyle Sessions - Held multiple times a term, these are a snip at £25 (the session, transport and ski hire included). Non-members welcome too (but cost is £36) and if you can drive people to the session hit us up, you can get it for even less.

Team Training: Rock along to team training with the rest of CUSSC 3 times a week in Michaelmas, twice a week in Lent and once in Easter term. It's in the Team Training Room (TTR) at the University Sports Centre. Full details here.

Varsity Freestyle Competition - A battle to the death against Oxford to discover the most legendary of the freestylers. Oh wait, not to the death, just a standard competition consisting of a lap of the park where you lay down your best tricks to see what you got. All abilities encouraged and is a fun event even for beginners to try out a new kind of skiing.

XGames Screenings - Held midway through lent term we hope to be able to show the XGames Slopestyle and Big Air competitions live. A relaxed event to sit back and watch the pros do their stuff (over a few beers of course).

BUiCS - An indoor freestyle event held and Milton Keynes with further rounds being happening around the country. With the competition taking place in lent term a few trips down beforehand should be enough practice to give it a go.

BUCS Main Event - We compete in all disciplines at this Easter event and is a good opportunity to get back out to the mountains to lace it up.

Minimum Standards


CUSSC wants to allow as many people to take part in freestyle as possible, however for your own safety we follow the minimum requirements enforced by UK snow centres and ask that if participating in freestyle sessions you can:

  • Control Speed & Direction

  • Perform Linked Turns

  • Stop When Required

  • Use a Button Lift Unassisted​

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