We are Cambridge Snowsports

The Cambridge Ski team began in 1921. 

Four years before the first Winter Olympics, CUSSC took part in the oldest skiing race in history. Almost a century later we have grown into a welcoming and professional sporting outfit. The club aims to introduce students to racing and competes in all major student competitions, most notably the Varsity races, which drew a crowd of over 1000 spectators last year. As well as a preseason trip, we also run weekly freestyle and race training sessions for all levels from experts to those that just want to try something different (many have never competed before arriving at uni).

We're proud to represent the University of Cambridge in student competitions across the country.

With access to top notch training all year round, CUSSC provides the highest level of support to develop all abilities,

from beginner racers right through to international pros.


Don't be intimidated though! We're all very friendly people so if you want to have a great time, meet a bunch of fun people and get stuck in to uni snow sports, CUSSC is the club for you.


Our club relies on 9 people working hard behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Sophie Wilson
Cameron Burnett

Hi guys, we're the new Co-Presidents of CUSSC for the 2020/21 season. Bold move to create this new partnership, but for you this means two for the price of one. We look forward to another year of sesh 'n' snow and running out of places to store all of our trophies when we smash the other place at VT once again. Any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us (Cameron and Sophie). GDBO

Izzy Austin

Hi everyone! I've made a return to committee this season, but this time as VP. As I enter my 4th year of CUSSC, I like to think I'll be able to answer any questions you may have on the club. More importantly, click here to submit your CUSSC STASH dreams, and I will strive to fulfil them. Looking forward to another year of skiing, socials and GDBOing with the most amazing bunch of people xxxxx p.s. the pic above illustrates how much better skiers we are than the other place

Max Lewis

With his mind on the money and the money on his mind, Max is not one to mess with when it comes to the cold hard stuff. Catch this charming engineer demonstrating responsible fiscal policy all (and we mean all) hours of the day and night

Click here to submit an expenses request.

Lara Gueorguieva
Race Captain

Hey! This year I’m in charge of all race-related things- from organising our preseason trip to selecting teams, and everything in between! I’m looking to encourage you all to really develop as racers, no matter whether you have had a lot of experience or none at all, and for you to enjoy what racing has to offer. I’m also hoping for us to thrive as a team, support and learn from each other. Let’s keep up CUSSC’s fabulous rep and once again thrash Oxf*rd at Varsity!
Bring on 2020-2021! 

Nathan Burstow
Freestyle Captain (+ BOARDER)

Ready to smash the next year out of the park!! I'm Nathan, the freestyle captain for CUSSC for the 2020/21 season. I can't wait to get more people involved in the freestyle and tricks side of things and try and get more boarders involved with the club because they NEED to be PROTECTED at all costs!!!

Samantha Hodder

Hello everyone! I am Sam and I'm a second year Cancer Biology PhD student at Clare College! Joining CUSSC has been one of the highlights of my time at Cambridge so far, and this year the committee are going to ensure this year is the best yet. As CUSSC secretary, I am in charge of keeping you all up to date with training sessions, social events and competitions that will be happening throughout the course of the year

Poppy Gilks
Social Secretary
Nathan Bouten
Social Secretary

"With Great Powder comes great responsibility" - As the male member of the social/welfare team, I will be jointly responsible for organising CUSSC's offslope sending and many other fun activities. Don't hesitate to contact Poppy or myself with any questions regarding skiing, socials, welfare or otherwise

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