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The Cambridge Ski team began in 1921. 

Four years before the first Winter Olympics, CUSSC took part in the oldest skiing race in history. Almost a century later we have grown into a welcoming and professional sporting outfit. The club aims to introduce students to racing and competes in all major student competitions, most notably the Varsity races, which drew a crowd of over 1000 spectators last year. As well as a preseason trip, we also run weekly freestyle and race training sessions for all levels from experts to those that just want to try something different (many have never competed before arriving at uni).

We're proud to represent the University of Cambridge in student competitions across the country.

With access to top notch training all year round, CUSSC provides the highest level of support to develop all abilities,

from beginner racers right through to international pros.


Don't be intimidated though! We're all very friendly people so if you want to have a great time, meet a bunch of fun people and get stuck in to uni snow sports, CUSSC is the club for you.


Our club relies on 9 people working hard behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Rupert Swallow

They seek him here, they seek him there,

Oxford seek him everywhere.

Is he a fresher?

Or is he a grad?

Sink meh! He's the President.

Catch him writing for Tatler or scoping a couloir (you can't apres if you don't ski)

Nathalie Edwardes-Ker

So perfect it's barely legal, where to start with our new VP? Incredibly organised (and a bit of speed demon) Nat takes charge like it's going out of fashion. Catch her carving pencil lines in the snow.

Egle Augustaityte
Race Captain

The 'EG' of Cambridge racing, this girl surely can. Faster than Usain Bolt after a cheeky bag of chicken nuggs, our youth olympian shows that the race is sometimes to the quick. Catch her, if you can!

James Hirst
Freestyle Captain

Cooler than a rollerblading cucumber sipping a slushie, rumour has it James actually invented the word 'radical'. With an appetite for going inverted only matched by Genghis Khan's thirst for power, this kid is the real deal. Catch him doing something you can't tell your parents.

Samantha Hodder

The life of every party, the pirate with the treasure, Sam has taken Cambridge by storm since starting in October. Our communication tsar, hit her up to get involved. After she clocks in from the lab catch this florescent adolescent breaking it down like an enzyme.

Antoni Prus

With his mind on the money and the money on his mind, Antoni is not one to mess with when it comes to the cold hard stuff. Catch this charming Polish engineer demonstrating responsible fiscal policy all (and we mean all) hours of the day and night.

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Izzy Austin
Women's Race Captain

A girl with so many blues she keeps some in her aunt's house, Izzy ('whizz' to her friends) is your non-stop-shop to Varsity glory. Catch this blonde bombshell melting hearts in and out of the operating theatre.

Alisha Maddocks
Social Secretary

A self-confessed mingling pringle and in danger of being a bit too much fun, Ali takes great pride in making sure EVeRyoNe is enjoying their socks off. Catch her at the centre of attention cutting more shapes than a delinquent Picasso with a pair of craft scissors.

Kalliope Margaronis
Welfare Office

The kindest person we know, Kalli is always there if you need someone to talk to. With a heart of gold and collection of stories only matched by her collection of medals, this girl is a veteran. Catch her for a cuppa whenever you need her.

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