CUSSC participates in the following race events over the year:


The official Cuppers race takes place on the Varsity Trip. College teams of four battle it out in a head to head slalom relay event. It is a seeded knockout event with the top Cambridge College facing the top Oxford College in the grand final.


BUISC is the indoor slalom and dual slalom event that takes place during Lent term. We send one team consisting of five racers with each team member competing individually as well. If the individual and/or team is successful at regionals they are invited to nationals several weeks later. 

BUSC Main Event

This is a trip much like the Varsity Trip but consisting of other universities in the UK (approximately 20). We compete in slalom, GS and Super G as well as a dual slalom, Skier-X and freestyle.

Varsity Match

This is our biggest race of the year where we fight it out against Oxford to be crowned Varsity Champions. We have three Mens’ and two Womens’ teams consisting of six racers each. There are two races, one slalom and one GS, each composed of two runs. The top four cumulative times of each independent race are summed up to give an overall team time. The Varsity time trials take place on the trip and consists of two timed runs down a slalom course.

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